What you need to know before travelling with kids

Copyright (c) 2009 Ivana KatzGoing a holiday or travel long distance from family is one of the most interesting to improve the binding of the family. However, can travel a bit difficult when there are children or babies in the family. Often, to avoid long trips or vacations, when they have children, because they think it’s too much. Although parents’ fears may be legitimate, the experience made her travel interesting, easy and enjoyable when you learn more about the factors that affect children during the trip. Ready and waiting for potential problems in advance means that traveling with children is not so difficult. Change ConditionsOne factors that must be considered is the “change of circumstances.” When you travel, especially on long trips, there are many new and unknown circumstances. The purpose of stay is about everyday life and advantage, while the adults, the change is for the children, it entirely different. Not the things kids can do on a regular basis to the confusion, uncertainty and insecurity. In fact, it is often the opposite of the experience they want, because while their parents the importance of continued learning taught a routine. until a certain age who do not understand children, why they are not the house and why they are on the road. They did not interpret the word “vacation,” “Holiday,” “Entertainment”, etc. in the same way adults. So remember that your child changes that they may face being disturbed. You do not sleep in their beds do not eat them sitting at their regular place at home. If you notice, even at home, they will remain on the same dining room chair at every meal. It makes them feel familiar and comfortable. So if you take your children to a completely new environment that they find it difficult to manage. FoodAnother potential problem is that children do not eat them plain, especially for travel to abroad. This may be a child who is normally a good eater means is fussy or will not eat at all. To try to remedy the situation, maintaining their timings as much food as possible and also look for food, they prefer usually. You can also begin to introduce new foods at home, where they can during their travel experience. It’s a good idea to try are delighted by the news of the amazing things they do. My Friend Katie has done exactly that before their 4-year to Greece. About three months before her flight, she had a night “Greek” once a week when they were olives, souvlakis (which is simply delicious meat on skewers), Greek salad, tzatziki joys (yogurt and cucumber dip) and others. The time has arrived, her daughter at Rhodes, she felt proud that they have used the names of Greek dishes and she had confidence in they ate it. If you succeed, they have a background in food packaging some of their favorites. This may not always be possible if your trip abroad, where there are strict quarantine. jet lag JetlagDue or a situation where the child is not the comfort of your own bed, they probably can not get enough sleep. If children are deprived of sleep, you know, it’s usually wrong. They resentment, even with minor provocation, and they are less able and willing to adapt to new environments. Consider your travel time and plan to align buttons and night’s sleep, so that the whole family does not suffer from internal clock. BoredomThere it a large area that many parents, address, and this is not how much trouble! Every parent fears the question “Are we there yet?” What is usually signals the beginning of the end of moderation. You must understand that children do not always want what you do. For example, you can enjoy the beauty of a long scenic drive, but your child is still learning to appreciate nature. If your child has become boring, they do not know what they want. It is better to keep your child reach that stage. When your child is bored, they will cease to enjoy doing things as usual. Children may also feel guilty, remains stubborn and frustrating for everyone, do not, even worse, giving them how much they are and what problems they cause the family with their tantrums. The basis of all problems is ignorance and boredom. For adults, the trouble arises when there is no change in the things she regularly. We get bored when the same things over and over, but kids get bored if they are not in activities they are accustomed to work. To help cope with the situation, as many changes as possible to reduce. Making his beloved blanket, favorite toys, and you may want to consider purchasing travel games to play before the trip to determine if they are successful “or” Miss “with your child. So, you’re only games, the space more inviting and frustration are spared. They also remain in question, assign responsibilities, and they feel part of what is happening. Be Prepared for Medical emission Carry the necessary medicines and consult your physician before packing drugs. Children and adults are more susceptible to colds and flu during the trip due to climate change of temperature, air conditioning, etc. If you are a non-English speakers, it can be a challenge to communicate the symptoms to get good drugs. Travel I still remember the time I was in a pharmacy in Nice, France imitate blowing nose and cough symptoms in my family to explain. Fun for them, no doubt, but not so gratifying for me to find out, I had a cough and child splurting in the hotel room. Forward you ready Embark on your way, you minimize and maximize Mayhem pleasure. Happy trails!

Travel in 2010

Before you go

  • Visas & Passports – must be valid for 6 months. Visas not necessary for EU passport holders. Other nationalities should check with the Moroccan embassy
  • Electricity – is 240v and European plug adaptors usually work
  • Health – whilst insects aren’t a big problem it’s worth taking mosquito repellents particularly in the Mountains/Dessert in the summer. Most areas of Morocco are malaria free
  • Ramadan – 11th of August – 9th of September , in 2010 but this should not change your travel plans as all the tourist activities are fully operational and there is a great atmosphere in the evenings when the fast is broken and everyone takes to the streets
  • Currency – it is difficult to get Moroccan Dirham in the UK but no problem using a UK cashpoint card when there. Also easy to change cash (Pounds, Dollars or Euros)
  • Clothing – the temperature varies enormously depending on time of time/year and location. It can be cool in the mountains or on the coast even in mid summer so worth taking an extra layer.
  • Driving Licence – photocard type UK driving licence is accepted by car rental companies

While you are there

  • Laws & Customs – Morocco has a Muslim dominated culture and whilst friendly please respect their sensitivities. Women in particular should dress conservatively when out in public especially the old towns (Medinas). No problems with sunbathing by pools or on beaches but toplessness is unacceptable.
    Respect for the King. He is hugely popular and it could cause offence to make comments about the royal family in the way that happens in the UK
  • Time difference - it is the same as UK although their clock change dates are different so watch out in early spring and early autumn as there may be a time difference and the airline often get confused
  • Telephone - code dial 0044 or +44 for a UK number. The Moroccan international code in 212
  • Prices – rumours abound that you should never pay asking prices and should haggle. Never tried it myself.. .
  • Dining out - there are fantastic restaurants of all different budgets but there are tourist traps as well. The best advice is to book with us and then we’ll give you our latest recommended list..but you have to book first!
  • Vegetarian food – lots of excellent salad and vegetable based cous-sous and tajine dishes available