Backpacking Sleeping Bags – 4 Useful Tips To Purchase The Right One

Since the modern equivalent of the old explorers, hikers will be exposed to all types of weather conditions in many types of terrain. He or she must be independent and ready for the worse at any time. And prevention starts before you leave home, with the selection of hiking equipment. It is particularly important to your backpack sleeping bag. Not always a good night can lead to errors as the difference between pleasure, the sight of the sun can result in a ridge and see the sunset from even a research and Rettungshubschrauber.1. The backpack sleeping bag – sleeping bags are not all gleichBevor Get a sleeping bag, it may be useful to know what some of the main differences between the backpack and other bag sleeping bags sleeping. The needs of a backpacker lead to special considerations, the hiker must address: the sleeping bag should be light. A walker is already with typical food, extra clothing, rain or snow, fire starting and cooking equipment, flashlights, bottled water, first aid supplies and other equipment Survival and equipment crossing the site will be in a backpack as ropes, hooks, etc. Adding a sleeping bag to 25 pounds, the weight of this heavy burden for someone who don ‘ is not equipped with a Herculean task body must be easy to store machen.Es. The backpack should be sleeping in the smallest space possible role for easy storage and maneuvering. A large, bulky sleeping bag is connected to the rear of a barrier when moving through difficult terrain or heavily forested backpack sleeping bag must be sufficiently protect hikers from the elements. These deal with a complex issue and will be studied in more detail below werden.2. Nature and You – Protect line in front of you ElementeBevor sleeping bag to take with you on a given trip, consider where you go. They would not even backpack sleeping bag on a trip in the Rocky Mountains as you would on a trip to Louisiana bayou. Is this the area you hot? Cold? Wet? In dry? Is it the rain (or snow) season there? What kind of temperature fluctuations of day and night? A backpack or synthetic polyfill insulated sleeping bag type, you’d better keep warm when wet like down, but a bag down, you get stuck in hot and windy. A simple nylon shell can be good in hot and humid, but it is quite cold wind to cross. Micro-fiber lining work well when wet, and provide a good windbreak, but it may difficult and expensive. And of course, use the amount of a given material directly affects the sleeping bag both weight and Volumen.3. One size does not fit allenes would be nice if you could choose a backpack sleeping bag for all climatic zones, this is simply not possible. With a lightweight shell on the mountain, you can freeze overnight, and run with down sleeping bag on a warm beach somewhere on a warm night in your pocket. Even in the groups of bags, a particular climate, which is good for one person may not work for someone else. The metabolic and circulatory cause differences between people with different needs in his backpack, sleeping bag. View ratings sleeping bag temperature, they will give you an idea of the temperature, holding a bag that you consider comfortable in. Also, if you’re on accessories such as hoods to minimize heat loss through the head, or Intake manifold to get rid of excess heat in the purchase Schlafsack.4 backpack. Final WordsNach choosing a sleeping bag backpack that will work for you even consider buying a liner for your sleeping bag. With a coating that is reduced to wash the whole bag. This will greatly extend the life of your sleeping bag, for washing tends to fill the insulating “fixed”, comfort and significantly reduce the effectiveness. The choice of a good sleeping bag and backpack is usually quality that are used to correct years hiking pleasure.

Buying a Camping Stove for your Next Camping Trip!

The purchase of a camping stove can be a difficult question. You want to make sure you are good for you. When you walk, you should get something that is compact and easy to get to perform. A Trangia may be a good idea if you have something small, or if you just cook for themselves. A Trangia Burner cimbines methanol with all the equipment you need in your kitchen. If you travel by car, you can for installation as large as you want to set up a full kitchen (if you like them! Go). Some camping stoves also with wind protectors, which can be very useful when you go camping. Camping stove on a variety of fuels and the type of fuel you use will take place play a bigger role in your decision. The most popular fuel butane or propane or a mixture of propane / butane mixture. These come in cartridges or bottled gas. Such fuel is predictable and stable, light and the light well and is in contact with the controlled level of heat you need. The cartridge or cylinder directly to the chimney. ziplock bag cartridges are good because they can be removed from the oven, so there is no chance of accidentally lit the gas. These smaller kilns are better suited for small pots and pots and pans can not easily be larger sed. Larger stoves often use cylinders attached to a gas hose and regulator. They simply are not appropriate if you travel by car. These stoves are often a cover and protection against the crosswind. If you are camping at low temperature, better than bottled gas as it is frozen at lower temperatures. Pressure stoves run on the oil pressure. You can be very hot and very economical. These types of stoves in a number of sizes, from small compact burners suitable suitable for backpackers to double burners for families. run on alcohol stove alcohol as a liquid, there is no pressure. This flash light and there is no need to preheat. Alcohol produces an almost colorless flams not worry if, during the day are taken. Alcohol is really only about half the heat of the alternatives, if not effective,. The most common types of alcohol is the Trangia burner range, which are easy to use, compact, lightweight and inexpensive. Maybe you want the price of gas or mining methelated minds, if you look at your purchase. And do not forget to save! There is nothing worse than the food can not afford to cook to cook. If you have young children, then security can be a problem. Maybe you want something stable and safe flying around soccer balls! it may be something to go with a stand